Thursday, June 28, 2012

Working Remotely

It's summer and the office is hotter than Vulcan's forge.  As a result, I'm working from home.  The best part about working remotely is spending quality time with my laziest co-worker, Fu Fu.

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-Jeremy Schaefer

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Last Minute Shows!

Like anyone, we try to plan ahead.  Try.

However, when a project arrives on our doorstep last minute, we do everything within our power to put together a top notch product.

Late Monday we recieved a phone call from a customer hoping to bring two shows to her youth on Wednesday.  That's only two days (realistically 1.5) to coordinate schedules with our busy ensemble for a home run performance.

Our actors receive their shows two weeks in advance.  Often, when there's less than two weeks notice, their myriad talents are already poured into other projects and thier free time committed to work and family.  That said, it's always worth a try... esspecially when the clock is ticking.

I started attacking the phones, but many of our actors were in shows or rehearsals so their phones, naturally, were silenced.  I sent out e-mails and received a quick reply from actors filming out of state, boarding planes, teaching summer courses and otherwise unavailable for a show on short notice.

Then, just as I was getting ready to advice the client on show alternatives, it happened.  Our artistic director stepped into the facilitator role (facilitation is his passion and it's what he consistently coaches our actors on.)  Another actress rescheduled an audition.  Suddently we had a cast!

It doesn't always work out when schedules are tight and the turn around is quick.  However, it feels great to pack the car for a couple of shows that didn't even exist 24 hours ago!

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-Jeremy Schaefer

Monday, June 25, 2012


Hello and welcome!  Thanks for stopping by!

Life behind the scenes at any non-profit brings a new adventure every day.  Imagination Theater tours the country and ignites discussions about potent social issues in elementary schools, corporations, universities, park districts, and everywhere in between... so our days can be particularly adventurous.

Here we aim to open a window into our process so that you can share in all our adventures from the major life changing events we encounter in schools, to our inexorable search for our three hole punch and other illusive office supplies.

We’re spending the summer prepping for a busy academic year that will see the debut of two brand new shows, bring our programming to new universities and new states, and welcome some talented young actors into our ensemble.

Stay tuned as a new season descends upon us, new horizons are explored and old office supplies are rediscovered!

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-Jeremy Schaefer