Friday, January 30, 2015

Audiences that Inspire

When we bring Take A Stand into high schools, we know that we're going to get some reactions.  The scenes speak to the reality of bullying in ways that can sometimes be uncomfortable and always ignite passionate, diverse responses. After many scenes audiences have audible reactions, sometimes in favor of the protagonist and sometimes in support of a dangerous choice.  Either way, the scenes always fuel needed discussion.

Through these facilitated discussions, the audience explores consequences of unhealthy choices while celebrating those who stand up for others.  The result is always empowering.

Sometimes, however, the audience is exceptional.  That was the case this past Wednesday.

While students voiced diverse opinions, the amount of support the whole audience showed each individual was incredible.  After one student passionately voiced her feelings against prejudice of any kind, the entire audience applauded.  Rarely, is an audience so supportive of one another, that people earn applause during the post scene discussions.

Every volunteer that came up on stage had their return to the audience underscored by cheers and compliments.

Many different points of view were voiced, and all were accepted.  It was a really beautiful thing to see.  I'm tremendously proud that our show promotes important conversations, and I'm optimistic for the future when I see an audience so eager to participate in the dialogue.

As always, you can learn more about Take A Stand and all of our other programs at

— Jeremy Schaefer, Associate Artistic Director

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Customized Programs

Every Imagination Theater assembly is unique to the community hosting the event.  Our shows are always about the audience.  Audience members even star in the most pivotal moments of nearly every scene.

We provide the platform for communities to discuss and explore the issues that are most meaningful to them.  In order to best serve that end, we regularly work with schools and communities to customize programs and create original assemblies that address the social issues most critical to them.

Sometimes this means we're creating an entirely new show, like our upcoming programs on responsible proms and substance abuse.  On other occasions we can tailor an existing script to suit a particular community or shine a light on a specific circumstance.  This February we are touring a customized version of our No Secrets program for 6-8th grade as well as a customized version of our Aware Individuals program for high school students.

The flexibility of our style allows us to speak directly audiences about the issues that matter most to them.  It is a privilege to serve communities in this way.

As always, you can learn more about Imagination Theater and our programs at

— Jeremy Schaefer, Associate Artistic Director