Saturday, July 23, 2016

Ensemble Member of The Year 2016

Every year I am grateful for the hard work and contributions of our talented and dedicated ensemble.  While the work is rewarding, it’s not easy.  It involves early mornings, ever changing schedules, and the constant challenge of starting conversations around sensitive topics with audiences that include as many points of view as there are students.
Every year, our ensemble members vote to name one of their peers the ensemble member of the year.  Here are the credentials we ask everyone to consider when casting their vote: 

“This person has gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout the season, and is well-rounded in all areas of IT’s programming as an actor, moderator, improviser, facilitator, educator, and writer.  The ensemble member of the year has a positive attitude both on stage and off, and is looked upon as a leader within the company.  This person shows remarkable commitment to IT, having volunteered his/her time on numerous occasions, and is consistently reliable and professional.  The ensemble member of the year truly understands IT’s mission, and strives to incorporate “IT skills” into his/her life.” 

The votes are in and the winner is… Sean Sullivan!

Here’s a sampling of what Sean’s fellow ensemble members had to say about him:

“He's really shown that he cares about the work and the students.”

“He is always on time, prepared and has a great work ethic. Just showing up and doing the show is not enough for him, he is constantly thinking of ways to make our shows better for the audiences.”

“… has been a strong team member and improviser throughout all of this year.”
Sean joined Imagination Theater in 2013 and immediately embraced all aspects of the work.  He is an advocate for our mission, an exemplary facilitator, and an engaging performer.

I’ve been fortunate enough to observe him in classroom settings and witness the way he expertly fosters an environment for success and mutual respect.  It’s not enough for Sean to facilitate a discussion about effective communication and empathy, he models it at all times.

Sean has been vital in executing our mission onstage.  More importantly, he embodies it offstage.  In many of our shows we talk about being an active bystander.  Sean is never a passive bystander to injustice; he calls it out and offers support.  Being an active bystander is part of who he is.  Audiences sense that authenticity when he encourages them to take a stand.

He’s an enormous asset to each of the numerous ensembles with which he performs.  We are thrilled that he shares his talents and passion with us, and we are excited to celebrate him as this year’s Ensemble Member of the Year.
Congratulations Sean, and thank you for everything you do!
As always, you can learn more about Imagination Theater’s ensemble and programming at
-Jeremy Schaefer, Artistic Director