Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It takes a village

The products of meaningful collaboration are truly inspiring. Imagination Theater routinely partners with granting organizations, specialists, evaluators, and artists to maximize benefit of our programs to the communities we serve. Such partnerships allow our programs to grow stronger and faster than they would without the support of multiple, enthusiastic entities working toward the same goal.

We are absolutely thrilled to enter into a new project with the support of Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Chicago, Communities in Schools of Chicago, and Judy Freedman. This new collaboration will result in one school confronting teasing and bullying head on.

JCCC is funding a treasure chest of teasing and bullying programming for one lucky Chicago Public School. Imagination Theater, working in concert with Communities in Schools of Chicago, will select the recipient school. Once selected, the entire student body will participate in our wildly popular Ease the Tease 2.0, and receive follow up visits from the actors. Before the show, school staff will be treated to an In-Service training led by Judy Freedman and supported by Imagination Theater actors. Parents will be invited to an award winning workshop with Judy Freedman that will reinforce teasing response strategies at home

Imagination Theater couldn’t have accomplished all of this alone. We are grateful for and inspired by the amazing results of partnership. We look forward to setting all of this into motion!

As always, you can learn more about Imagination Theater at!

- Jeremy Schaefer