Thursday, June 1, 2017

Ensemble Member of the Year 2016/17!

The strength of Imagination Theater is the drive and dedication of our ensemble.  The artists that make up Imagination Theater are talented performers, empathic facilitators, and collaborative educators.  The contributions of each ensemble member enable our collective mission to provide diverse audiences with original, dynamic, participatory theatrical programming that enhances well-being and creates a more civil, safe society.

Every year, as the season comes to an close, our ensemble members name one person the Ensemble Member of the Year.  Below is the criteria the company is asked to consider when casting votes:

“This person has gone above and beyond the call of duty throughout the season, and is well-rounded in all areas of IT’s programming as an actor, moderator, improviser, facilitator, educator, and writer.  The ensemble member of the year has a positive attitude both on stage and off, and is looked upon as a leader within the company.  This person shows remarkable commitment to IT, having volunteered his/her time on numerous occasions, and is consistently reliable and professional.  The ensemble member of the year truly understands IT’s mission, and strives to incorporate “IT skills” into his/her life.” 

The 2016/17 Ensemble Member of the Year is Merrick Robison!

Here’s what some of his peers have to say about Merrick.

“He's always been good at debriefing after the show (both with the cast and the office staff), which helps everyone brainstorm on the successes and potential improvements after each show. “

“He always bring full energy and commitment to every show, which draws the students in immediately.”

Merrick is a master at mingling farcical comedy with educational goals.  He can whip whole audiences into frenzied laugher with chaotic, flailing, slow-motion falls to the floor and then stand up seconds later to calmly redirect focus away from the physical comedy presented by the actor to the emotional reality experienced by the character.

Merrick is an astute reader of audience volunteers.  He quickly adjusts to meet the needs of each volunteer and to most effectively deliver our social issues message.

He’s stepped up to facilitate shows and classroom workshops, improvise highly successful scenes, assist in auditions, serve as resident sound tech, and mentor new ensemble members as they join the company and learn our format.

His work has gone a long way toward creating a safe, civil society within our audiences.  Congratulations Merrick on being this year’s Ensemble Member Of The Year!

As always, you can learn more about Imagination Theater’s ensemble and programming at

-Jeremy Schaefer, Artistic Director