Thursday, November 29, 2012

Show Some Respect: Holiday Edition!

It takes a few days for Thanksgiving dinner to digest and for the lethargic impulse to nap in front of a football game to pass.  However, once the post-Thanksgiving world snaps into action, a busy December takes over.

Even in the absence of snow flurries, December is a month entirely unlike the rest of the calendar.  Many students are consumed by an indefatigable excitement for winter vacation, travel, gifts, sweets, and visiting relatives.  Amidst all that enthusiasm, it's easy to forget to show respect.  That's why Imagination Theater created Show Some Respect: Holiday Edition.  This seasonal version of Show Some Respect is tailored to holiday themes and winter settings.  It features fun, brand new scenes, and it feels like a celebration!

Show Some Respect: Holiday Edition reinforces positive social behavior while complimenting school holiday parties and end of the year festivities.  Our signature interactive format explores respect as it applies to different religious holidays, unique family traditions, gratitude, giving vs. receiving, inclusion, and more!

We're thrilled to share Show Some Respect: Holiday Edition as we celebrate the holidays and all of 2012's achievements!  Our first performance coincides with the first school day in December (December 3rd)!  If you would like to share this program with your students contact us right away to hold a date!  Availability is limited!

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- Jeremy Schaefer     

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Custom Designed Performances!

Like a Great Tailor, 

Imagination Theater Customizes Shows For The Perfect Fit!

Every Imagination Theater script is the product of countless hours spent researching, conversing with schools, meeting with experts, rehearsing, writing, and rewriting.  Every chance to share our rounded, diverse and relatable shows with eager audiences is a rich reward for all our efforts.  

Imagination Theater's programming roster covers a wide array of topics, but schools are unique organizations with circumstances and priorities specific to their student bodies.  That's why our format is highly customizable.  If we don't have a show for the topic you need addressed, we'll build one from scratch! 

NCDAA recently called on Imagination Theater to strategically design two brand new shows distinctly for the schools they serve.  As a result, students receiving e-readers and tablets explored the responsibility that comes with powerful technology by participating in an interactive scene accelerated by audience input.  Not only did students enjoy testing their knowledge, but they were empowered to make the best possible decisions regarding their new learning tools!

For Imagination Theater, creating something new is a golden opportunity.  For schools looking for something new, Imagination Theater is a golden opportunity.  Give us a call and see what we can create for you.

As always, for more information you can visit

-Jeremy Schaefer