Thursday, December 20, 2012

Donate to Imagination Theater

Please keep Imagination Theater in mind as you consider which great causes and organizations to support in the final days of 2012.

Our programs are vital to the students we serve.  In some cases Imagination Theater is a student's only exposure to the arts.  In all cases, the themes explored in our shows initiate meaningful reflection on one's role in a community.

Our mission is mighty.  We need your help to share our programming with as many audiences as possible.  No donation is too small.

You can see the work your donation supports at  Click here to donate today!

Have a very happy holiday!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Fundraise Without Even Trying

If you have last minute gifts to buy, then you have an awesome opportunity to buy TWO gifts for the price of one!  

Through Goodsearch and Goodshop, you can earn donations for Imagination Theater simply by buying gifts for your friends (and maybe a little something for yourself)!  

I know, it sounds too good to be true.  However, it is actually true.  All you have to do is surf over to  When it prompts you to 'choose your cause' type 'Imagination Theater'.  That wasn't too hard, right?  You're almost done.

Click the link to Goodshop.  You can now choose from an enormous list of online retailers like Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kohls, Land's End, Apple and more!  Select where you want to shop and continue shopping like normal.  Only it's not like normal.  That store will now donate a percentage of your purchase to Imagination Theater!

This is the easiest way to support Imagination Theater, so if you have any shopping left to do, please keep us in mind.

If you need a reminder of the kind of programming these donations support you can always visit

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

New Year's Resolutions!

The windows are frosted over and hot cocoa has surpassed apple cider as the top reward I give myself in afternoon.  The bulk of my shopping is complete, and I am joyously passing the minutes by procrastinating the wrapping and assembly of gifts.  Yes, the most relaxing part of the holiday season has arrived.  This is when I actually have time to sit with a cup of cocoa and contemplate things like New Year's resolutions.

Life has a very special learning curve, so it is no surprise that a few of my resolutions are repeats from years' past.  However, there are also new entries on my list.  Over the course of the past year, just like anyone else, I've grown, learned, made mistakes, reaccessed, and set new goals.  This year's list of resolutions will continue to grow and morph until the first second of 2013 ticks by.

However, as I mull over my first draft, I am struck by the number of goals that are reinforced by the assembly programs I've worked so hard on in 2012.  I want to get into shape and respect my health just like Making Healthy Choices encourages our audiences to do.  I hope to play an active role in changing my environment for the better, just as Take A Stand equips middle and high school students to do.  I want my friends and family to understand how much I appreciate them, just like we stress in Show Some Respect: Holiday Edition!

I have an aggressive list of resolutions in my hands, but it's immensely satisfying to know that my participation in Imagination Theater in 2012 has set the ground work for most of my goals in 2013.

Imagination Theater's performances are geared toward the specific audience ages.  The lessons in each assembly, however, are for everyone.  As the year comes to a close, that's a great takeaway. 

As always, for more information about Imagination Theater and our assembly programs, feel free to visit

-Jeremy Schaefer